SPOT 5 data description

1° This CD Rom is compatible with IE5 (Microsoft) and Netscape Communicator 4.7 for the metadata section (metadata.dim).

Concerning the automatic HTML page generation (thanks to the XSL file), they have been tested with IE5 and IE5.5 only, since IE is currently the only web browser which directly implements XML+XSL. Please note that IE5 is also available for Macintosh and Sparc/Solaris OS.

You can download IE from:


2° Dimap metadata is implemented here as XML files. These files use the ‘.dim’ extension.

When using this CD Rom for the first time, these files will not be recognized as XML files.

To make Dimap files behave as any XML file, open with an Internet Browser first.


3° However, as XML is text, you can open the XML files with a standard text editor if you don’t have any XML parser or XML editor.

Many free tools for advanced XML manipulations can be downloaded from (eg XML Notepad for Windows)


4° Contents of the CD Rom:

- VOL_LIST.DIM: XML file describing the contents of each folder

- VOL_STYL.XSL: stylesheet used to apply HTML formatting to VOL_LIST.DIM file

- README.HTM: this file

- VOL_LIST.PDF: Acrobat file describing all the dataset

- LOGO.JPG: Spot Image logo used with the stylesheet file

- At least one folder named SCENE01


Each folder contains:

- the Dimap product (GeoTIFF and XML files)

- three additional files needed for automatic display of the accompanying metadata (image icon, quicklook and stylesheet for applying HTML formatting to the XML file).

SCENEXX folder contents:

- METADATA.DIM: XML file describing the image part

- IMAGERY.TIF: image file in GeoTIFF format

- ICON.JPG: image icon

- PREVIEW.JPG: quicklook

- STYLE.XSL: stylesheet used to apply HTML formatting to METADATA.DIM file

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